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By sEA 和By thE sEA 区别.

" by sea表示“经海路”; by the sea表示 “在海边” ① ""How did you go there? By train?"" ""No, we went there by sea."" “你们怎么到那里去的?乘火车?”“不,我们乘船去的那里。” ③I'm terrified of flying I'd rather go by sea. 我害怕坐飞机...


by the sea 在海边 例句: The Egyptians-all Pharaoh's horses and chariots, horsemen and troops-pursued the Israelites and overtook them as they camped by the sea near Pi Hahiroth, opposite Baal Zephon. 埃及人追赶他们,法老一切的...

I like to read by the sea

by the sea英[bai ðə si:] 美[baɪ ði si] adv.在海边; 滨海; [网络]在海岸上,在海滨; 在海岸上; 在海滨; [例句]A entirely new life by mountains and sea& the mountain and the sea offer the first entire waterfront co...

我喜欢在海边读书。 语法有错误,应该是I like reading by the sea.或者I like to read by the sea.


in the sea 在海里 例句与用法: Sealed containers of nuclear waste have been dumped in the sea. 盛有核废料的密封容器被丢在海里。 Swimming in the sea is great fun. 在海里游泳很好玩。 on the sea 在海(面)上 例句与用法: The sun gla...

这里不用辨析at the sea和by the sea,只用辨析at和by就行了。 at是在周围,附近的整个区域。所以at the sea,可能一会在海里,一会在岸边。 by在旁边。这里强调的住在海边。 你说的动作短暂还是恒定状态没有这么回事。

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