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1. when,first,the baby,was,I,she,saw,10,days old,panda ,only . 2. At four months, she,about,started,home,time,10 kilograms,and to go her for the outside weighed first. 3. At the very beginning, hours,Xi Wang,1...

1,My father took my baby brother to the baby hospital half an hour ago. 2,The flowers come out and turn the tree green.【注意所给动词的人称为复数原形,主语只能是flowers.】 3,【注:题目是不是多了一个these——只有一个复数名词count...

不可以,在这个句子的意思里,are working连在一起表示谓语意义,hard使用来修饰work的。如果像第二句那样连的话,容易产生歧义,认为"the students"=''hard working''

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