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There’s nothing beyond a companion 这样可能文艺点 翻译有点出入,这个翻译应该是“没什么能一个同伴更重要”

nothing can be more important than health.

As a matter of fact,for me, nothing is important than this .

 Nothing is more important than our health

From my point of view, there is nothing better than spending time with my family

没有什么能比得上 There is no comparison. Nothing/Nobody could compare xx with xx.

There's nothing more important than their own happiness

除了大家的译法外,可以:You are most important than anything.

没有哪一天比今天更重要的了,在一年之中...的英文翻译 没有哪一天比今天更重要的了,在一年之中没有 No day is more important than today, and there is no one in a year. 重点词汇 没有not have; there is not; not so ...as; be without; abs...

没有什么事情比今天的事情更值得..._ 译 Nothing is more happy than it is today

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