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我在以前的邮件中提到过很多次。 翻译为英文是: I mentioned it many times in my previous mail. 注: 请提问者及时采纳答案,作为对回答者付出脑力和体力劳动的尊重。 ‍

我在上一封邮件中已经提到的 XXX, which I have mentioned about in the previous mail

我这次发邮件给你的目的是 英文:The purpose of my email to you this time is

请忽略上一封邮件,以此为准. 1) Please ignore the previous mail and all is subject to this one. 2)Please ignore the previous mail and make reference to this latest one.

请以这份邮件为准 Please make reference to this mail. Please remember all things are subject to what was said in this mail

Hi, WZ! I haven't contacted you for a long time. How are you doing? I have been more than delighted to hear the news that our De-Kang company is developing rapidly. It has been about three years since I left the company, and th...

Dear *** I am really sorry for that issue. I just confirmed with our representative in the plant. He informed that the inventory of white-base adhesive was running out at the time, so they decide to use yellow-base adhesive ins...

if you saw my E-mail please reply that you have received

The mail has been sent back to you in October 12th, because we don't have bank information so we give you our company's books.

召回/撤销:付款. Joan想撤销这封邮件,标题为"付款" 这封邮件中的信息和附件是保密的,仅限于发件人在发件地址或抄送中所指定的邮箱.请注意这封邮件中的任何观点和看法仅限于此作者,不代表公司. 最后,收件人请核查此邮件及其中的附件是否有病毒.由...

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