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顺手采纳答案 确认信息 的英语是confirmed information

希望这是你要的: 1。确认人数: --please note there're XX people (will come).共有XX人(要来) 2。确认信息正确 --We confirm all the informaiton is correct.我方确认以上信息都是正确的 3。一般问题的确认 --We confirm XXXX is right/oka...

Please check the address.

确认的英文: confirm verify 参考例句: Must confirm. 必须确认。 Validate a meal voucher 确认餐券有效 A recognition of their civil rights. 对他们人权的确认 I confirm the day 's schedule. 我确认一天的工作表。 Please reenter your ...

I will revert to you after confirmation.

正在确认中 Confirming

Dear Sir/Madam HOTEL ROOM RESERVATION I made a reservation for (?) rooms for (?) nights ---xx.xx.2017 (check in) and xx.xx.2017 (check out). Please kindly confirm whether the above reservation is confirmed. Thank you. Yours sin...

I would like to confirm the product information with you.

I'm still confirming, and I will reply to you ASAP

About the following amount of your company confirm the results, please reply as soon as possible, thank you 重点词汇释义 金额 sum; money; amount of money; sum of money 确认 confirm; affirm; acknowledge; identification; acknowle...

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