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顺手采纳答案 确认信息 的英语是confirmed information

确认: affirm countersign notarize validate acknowledgement affirmance To admit of translation. 确认翻译 To justify or prove. 确认确认并证实 Make ready; make sure. 准备好;确认 A letter of confirmation 确认函或确认书 command ack...

Dear Sir/Madam HOTEL ROOM RESERVATION I made a reservation for (?) rooms for (?) nights ---xx.xx.2017 (check in) and xx.xx.2017 (check out). Please kindly confirm whether the above reservation is confirmed. Thank you. Yours sin...

正在确认中 Confirming

I would like to confirm the product information with you.

please refer to the B/L attached, and please confirm the consignee information is right or not.

我们正在确认中,结果会尽快回复给你的英文:We are in the process of confirming the result and will reply to you as soon as possible result 读法 英 [rɪ'zʌlt] 美 [rɪ'zʌlt] 1、n. 结果;成绩;答案;比赛结果 2、vi....

Please refer to the attachment for verification purposes. Please refer to the attachment for confirmation purposes. 这里有两种说法 稍微有一点不同,verification 一般是让你过目 如果内容没有问题的话就不用回答了这样的 confirmation...

I'm still confirming, and I will reply to you ASAP

外贸商务的专业说法是 I want to confirm some information with you in advance.

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