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明确的以及确定的答复 英语怎么说

明确的以及确定的答复: a clear and definite answer a clear and definite reply 如果指的是如何回答的话: Definitely. Absolutely. That's for sure.

a distinct reply.

我一定要你给我一个明确的答复。 I must insist on your giving me a straight forward answer 1. 别支支吾吾,给我一个明确的答复。 Don't shuffle, give me a clear answer. 2. 我希望你能尽快给我一个明确的答复。 I hope you can give me a ...

确认一下再回复你英语 I will confirm and reply back to you.

关于你方提出的要求,等我跟我们经理商量后再答复你。 用英语表达 翻译如下: With regard to your request, I will reply to you after I discuss with our manager. 重点词汇释义: 关于:about; on; concerning; with regard to; anenst 提出...

Look forward to your reply. 要客气的话,可说:Look forward to your favourable reply, 或是look forward to your kind reply/advice. 如果事情有点急,可委婉的说:Look forward to your soonest reply. 扩展资料 双语例句 1、Therefore, ou...

Thank you for your letter(或者email之类的,你看别人是怎么通知你的)of June 12th(这里你自己填上日期,表示你确认无误),I am honored to confirm my partcipation at the conference(这里你把完整的会议名填上,以示尊敬).Would you ple...

I will revert to you after confirmation.

I'm still confirming, and I will reply to you ASAP

About the following amount of your company confirm the results, please reply as soon as possible, thank you 重点词汇释义 金额 sum; money; amount of money; sum of money 确认 confirm; affirm; acknowledge; identification; acknowle...

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