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明确的以及确定的答复 英语怎么说

明确的以及确定的答复: a clear and definite answer a clear and definite reply 如果指的是如何回答的话: Definitely. Absolutely. That's for sure.

a distinct reply.

我一定要你给我一个明确的答复。 I must insist on your giving me a straight forward answer 1. 别支支吾吾,给我一个明确的答复。 Don't shuffle, give me a clear answer. 2. 我希望你能尽快给我一个明确的答复。 I hope you can give me a ...

帮忙确认及回复 英文:Help to confirm and reply

关于你方提出的要求,等我跟我们经理商量后再答复你。 用英语表达 翻译如下: With regard to your request, I will reply to you after I discuss with our manager. 重点词汇释义: 关于:about; on; concerning; with regard to; anenst 提出...

I will revert to you after confirmation.

希望贵公司见函后三日内能给予明确答复 英文翻译 We hope you will reply within three days of your letter of repl

Thank you very much for your kind attention personal response。 非常感谢您的亲自给予回复和重视

We need to confirm with the factory and will give you our reply tomorrow

Let me check again and reply to you within tomorrow. Thanks.

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