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意思为:”我们发付款方式是凭提单付款.“ 第一次做且货量不大时可以用此种付款方式。但对于有些国家,如西非等,请尽量不要用到此种付款方式,只能用L/C即期。

外箱放置区Cartons Area 彩盒放置区Color Boxes Area 纸托/泡沫区 Paper or Foam Board Area 半成品区 Half-assembly Goods Area 不良品区 Defective Goods Area 空胶框放置区 Empty Glue Frame Area 地台板放置区 Bottom Plates Area 包装带放...

Within the half a year in the past, I throw the middle working into with more fervent active attitude, be responsible carefully accomplishing the rise that the mission , professional competence and special field technical abili...

vous pouvez appeller le RMA numero si il y a des defauts.


1. What's your opening bank? 2. What's your account number? 3. What's the payee company?

妈呀 ,好长啊 ~~ 四字成语很难翻译啊,你不介意我就用google翻译给你。但是发现 你是有大用途的。

Xiangxin House Property Investment & Development Co.,Ltd In Anhui Province

Teacher should combined the "release" and "guide", try to urge the child‘s independence and pay attention to cultivate their good temperature,making them probe the knowledge actively. Child will form a positive habit in this ty...

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